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Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq Dr. Muthanna Harith Al-Dari: The revolution of 1920 embodied the concept of patriotism among the classes of the Iraqi people

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The Secretary-General:

The role of Diyala province east of Iraq in the revolution of the twentieth; is one of the aspects absent from the history;its cities witnessed battles where many British officers & soldiers were killed ,in addition to the assassination of many of the rebels.

Many aspects of the image of confronting the British occupation did not take their right in the history of the revolution,including: the positions of scientists of Iraq,who paid their lives for Iraq,and of senior officers, such as(Tahseen Ali)&his companions.

Iraq faced the British occupation as first experience in its contemporary history through the revolution of 1920,that was represented by large military actions,and the refusal of many Iraqi officers & tribal leaders to cooperate with the occupation.

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