Sunday, 08 December 2013 08:17

HEYET Condemned Assassination of Sheikh Jumaili

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The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) strongly condemned heinous crimes against Sheikh Khalid Hammoud Jumaili one of the leaders of popular peaceful demonstrations and symbols in Fallujah City. In the press release on the assassination of Sheikh Jumaili, HEYET stressed that such despicable methos targeting the leaders of popular movement are the style of bankrupted and  failed people and just a desperate attempt to eliminate the free voices in wounded Iraq. HEYET asserted that this technique is useless.

HEYET told that since the threat of Nouri al-Maliki to the people in sit-ins and demonstrations  saying: 'finish your demonstrations before you finish', his oppressive security apparatuses and militias target the symbols of these arenas. They have martyred in a barbaric way dozens of scholars and activists who were leading figures of these demonstrations all of whom were Sunnis in revolting provinces. 

The statement noted that Maliki did not hesitate in declaring war on the revolting squares alleging that the sit-ins are no longer expression of the demands of those millions, rather they are habitat for al-Qaeda or Nusra Front in a blatant move revealing his intentions to shed the blood of his people. 

Sheikh Khalid Hammoud Jumali was martyred by militants opening fire to his car while he was on his way to the sit-in square in eastern Fallujah. At the attack his driver also died and his son Ammar was seriously wounded. 

HEYET hold current Prime Minister and his criminal security forces, those who stand with him against peaceful demonstrations in secret or in public are fully responsible for this heinous crime. 


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