Wednesday, 08 January 2014 19:55

HEYET Tikrit Branch Activities

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The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) supported an aid convoy planned to be sent to al-Anbar Province in solidarity with the people of Tikrit, Dawr and Bayji. The coordinator of the convoy and the member of HEYET Branch Sheikh Basil Akram stated that local people of Tikrit, Dawr and Bayji supported the relief convoy to sent their brethren in al-Anbar Province that is subjected to military attacks of Maliki Government. Sheikh Akram stressed that this step shos the best example of social solidarity between Iraqis in the crises era. 

Meanwhile, HEYET Branch distributed aids to the registred families of martyrs in the city in cooperation with South Independent Movement. Branch also distributed some materials to peaceful demonstrators at the squares in the city centre. 

HEYET Tikrit Branch regulary carries out religious, social, cultural and humanitarian activities in the mosques, centres and accross the city. 


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