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Monday, 14 April 2014 09:10

Association of Muslims Scholars describe the last statements of Minister of Justice as a new scandal added to the black record of the current government

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AMS confirmed that the statements made by the so-called ( Hassan Shammari ), Minister of Justice in the government of al-Maliki, in the city of Nasiriyah on 11 of this month formed a new scandal added to the black record of this government and  scandals that insanity of humanity.

The Association in a statement issued on Sunday that statements ( Shammari ) that boast them that his ministry was carried out during the past four years, crimes penalty in more than 600 detainees , and that his ministry was restored shrines of Imams Al-Askary to Shiite Waqf after have been seized by Baath party , indicate that Iraq is now ruled by a sick political class and ruling clique deserve entry global encyclopedias indices ; due to the aberration in the committed crimes and injustice , and sadism in human rights violations which unparalleled in the history of nations .

The statement noted , that the name of the Ministry of Justice in the current government has become infamous to all, because of the continued executions crimes and flagrant violations of human rights against the innocent detainees in the notorious prisons .. confirmed that the language of revenge that tattered on the lips of the leaders of bloody sectarian militias are not typical to men of law or to management officials of the Ministry of Justice, but seems to be this minister one of them .

AMS said that the number of victims who were killed by terrorism are times more the number which Shammari mentioned , and most of the terrorism coming from the current government and its security services and bloody militias, and there are testimonies from members of parliament (sectarian) such as al-Shammari himself confirms that the political parties participating in the government and senior State men behind this terrorism, also there are further certificates of clerics (sectarian) such as Al-Shammari also broadcast by the media confirms that Iran, which is the first sponsor of the current government, stands behind this terrorism for the benefit of the "Iranian National Security".

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