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Thursday, 17 April 2014 13:42

Sheikh Faidhi : The current government's crimes against Iraqis, is a genocide war

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Dr. Sheikh ( Mohammed Bashar al -Faidhi ), official spokesman for the Muslims Scholars Association, emphasized that what is happening today in Anbar province in general and the city of Fallujah in particular, and the rest of the other provinces , is a war of genocide committed by the current government by using all types of weapons available to it .

Sheikh ( Faidhi ) said - in a speech at the eighteenth Conference of Jurists Democrats held on Wednesday in Brussels under the title : ( Accountability and Justice for Iraq ) - that bombing of the cities and houses by helicopters and heavy artillery , tanks , cause so far in the deaths of more than two thousand civilians and injured more than five thousand others, in addition to the displacement of more than half a million people from their towns and villages in Anbar province

The following is the text of the speech:

Iraq has seen for years under the rule of Nouri al-Maliki dangerous developments , violence is growing in an unprecedented way , and the government pursues a policy of sectarian , and use of excessive force against the Iraqi people , especially certain areas , such as Anbar , Mosul and Diyala, Salahuddin areas and around Baghdad , until the government reached to the arrests in 2013 only , in ( 1531 ) campaign resulted in the arrest of ( 14593 ) citizens , except for thousands of undeclared campaigns,  according to official data issued by the government.

Regarding the death toll, United Nations Mission to help Iraq (UNAMI ) said in 2013 is the deadliest since 2008 ; where witnessed the killing of ( 7818 ) civilians , and wounded ( 17981 ) others, accompanied by a decline in the level of services and the lack of it in spite of the budget tremendous for Iraq that does not less than a hundred billion dollars a year , as well as the spread of corruption and looting of public funds and militia control of the security services .

After despair reaching to all Iraqis and dissipated the hope of reform, this launched motionless popular uprising in six provinces - out of eighteen - in 25/2/201 according to his right under the constitution adopted in demonstrations and demands for reform , but he was confronted by the government with iron and fire , was the suppression of the uprising by force, their leaders were killed and arrest and prosecute under the eerie silence of the international community .

Injustice now dominating the life in Iraq , the nutritious spring to sit-ins ; therefore - under the current government - this spring cannot be dry , because it did not recognize the existence of the Iraqi man , before they recognize his humanitarian rights , legal and constitutional ; this is why Iraqis rose up, this time in six provinces since 23.12.2013 demanding the legitimate rights and calling for justice and the realization of the right, in peaceful civilization way, and those provinces are Baghdad , Salahuddin , Diyala , Nineveh and other parts of Iraq, at least a combined population of up to 18 million people, the whole demanding basic rights, using the peaceful method to achieve the rights.

The demands of those demonstrators were, to stop arbitrary arrests , the elimination of charges of malicious , the release of hundred thousands of prisoners of men and women in accordance with the notorious law of confidential informant which can whereby pushing citizens in prisons and charge them without proof pretext to cover up the source, the abolition of Article fourth in counterterrorism, which has become a sword hanging over any Iraqi citizen who does not agree with the policies of this government , the abolition of the death penalty, Iraq occupies high rank in the proportion of executions to the extent that Amnesty International said in its latest report ( to enjoy with death when Iran and Iraq has caused a global surge sharp in the number of executions carried out in the year 2013 ) .

According to information confirmed by the United Nations and other organizations , the death sentences were carried out without fair trials , especially among Sunnis community , besides, other demands aimed to foster a spirit of justice and equity among all components of the Iraqi people .

Maliki government did not respond to any of these demands, on the contrary, started accuses the demonstrators, since the first month, of being terrorists, and attacked them many places, in Anbar, Diyala, Nineveh, and Salahuddin and killed at least 100 protesters and wounded more than 200 others in brutal attacks on sit-in squares, especially, we mention the attack on Fallujah sit-in square in February 2013 , the attack on Hawija sit-in square in Taamim province in April 2013 , and the attack on Saria Mosque in Diyala province in May 2013 , in addition to another sporadic attacks .

In spite of this oppression by the government ; the sit-in squares remained exercise activities peacefully, impeccable realistic and legally, and here the government began - and without shame - directing false accusations to those squares, and sometimes it says that the squares became a center of gunmen, and another time says the squares kidnapped by terrorists, and everyone knows that what was running the government, is how to eliminate those squares ahead of parliamentary elections this year , for the personal and electoral accounts ! .

Although, all the squares pledged to the government shown to be free of any armed manifestations, and asked the government to send inspection teams from the earlier plazas, and ensure safe tours to those teams, but the government continued to raise its threats to protestors and popularized in the media, the threatening of the prime minister to them : ( You must finish before being finished by force! ), described the protesters : ( They are a bubble ) a metaphor that they are nothing, and said : ( A sea of ​​blood between us and them ) .

Then came the time of the threats , the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces ( Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki )  began to send regiments and brigades to Anbar province , and so as not to infuriate local people claimed that there will be a war against the groups of al-Qaeda in the desert of Anbar , and after he had finished his preparations , he began his battle actually in the desert , but within a few days , leaving the desert and turn to the Anbar province to attack the tents of sit-ins strongly by army forces, and SWAT forces, shooting the clans that were embracing these sit-ins ; killing a number of protesters and wounding others ; forcing tribes in Anbar province to defend the protesters ; thus,  Maliki pushed the Arabian Tribes to fight his troops in a conflict was could be avoided with little bit of wisdom and fairness.

Rapid developments in Anbar province have seen since the military forces subsidiary of Maliki embarked on the thirtieth of December last year, to attack the Square sit- in Ramadi, sparking a revolution among the people of the tribes against the corrupt and sectarian Maliki's government, and after the outbreak of the revolution in Ramadi, this began panic among Maliki's forces they fled the city, wearing civilian clothes, what underlines the lack of conviction of these forces to fight their people and relatives, and part of them surrendered to the clans which embraced those forces, treated them with hospitality, and gave them civilian clothes, asking them to leave the city and do not participate again with Maliki's forces in attacking their brothers in home, because the clans are demanding legitimate rights , and they only asked Maliki basic rights as Iraqis in their own country, this behavior was the opposite of what the Maliki Army did where the abuse and insult the wounded of clans' revolutionists , and the burning the bodies of martyrs, dragging them on the ground and insulting them underfoot .

At the next day, the first of January the revolutionists held a meeting with a number of former officers, dignitaries and clerics, who have confirmed their support for the revolution and the clans revolutionists in their legitimate rights, in a move that confirms the agreement of all Iraqis salvation of abnormal conditions caused by the policy exclusionary sectarian government of the Green Zone , the tribes have resorted to the revolution with the launch of the founding of the military councils of revolutionists ; placed on top of incompetent management officers of the former Iraqi army , to organize the defense of the province ; besides, to maintain security, law and order to the public and private property .

It could be argued regarding the field level, Maliki's forces suffered from great losses in lives and equipment, and seemed to those forces confused because of facing the resistance in Anbar, although, the government does not seem to think of a peaceful solution, in every day, it sends successive military reinforcements, but pounding the civilian by aircraft and heavy artillery, this mistaken policy of the current government in Iraq in dealing with the tribes lead to the widening the circle of revolution to include Mosul, Salahuddin, Diyala, Babil, Taamim and even the capital, Baghdad.

What is happening in Fallujah today, and pan-Anbar province as well as the rest of the provinces; is a war of genocide, the current government has used all types of weapons available to it; it hit the houses of civilians by helicopter, heavy artillery, and tank guns, this shelling of the cities caused so far in the killing of more than two thousand civilians from Fallujah residents and others cities, and wounding more than five thousand, besides, the displacement of more than a half million Iraqis, though, the revolution is still raging, and the revolutionists are determined to achieve their rights whatever the cost.

The answer to the important question of ( Where Iraq goes ?!), according to our expectations; Iraq moving in the direction of escalation, it is not expected after widening military actions and the spread of fighting in several provinces, will not be abating.

It can now clearly note the following:
1 the growing strength of military councils consisting of ( clans revolutionists, groups of resistance factions and number of former Iraqi army officers ) .
2 . Retreat of the government forces combat, because of the large losses of lives and equipment .
3 Emergence of the case of alliance between the military councils and the popular incubator, and the cooperation of tribes with these councils, besides, logistical support .
4 increase in the gap between the political wings and the political blocs which forming the government and the escalation of prblems of accusations among them, the key partners of the Dawa Party bearing Maliki full responsibility of what the situation has became .
5 The battles became nearby the capital Baghdad, significantly, after constant targeting of Baghdad International Airport and the Green Zone in the center of the capital .
6 lack of opportunities of elections, dramatically, in Anbar and Salah al-Din , and to some extent in the provinces of Nineveh, Taamim and Diyala .

The current government in Iraq may resort to hold elections despite the outbreak of the widespread revolution in what constitutes half of Iraq add to the election meager farces already exist, Maliki has resorted to declare a state of emergency to continue in power for two more years, and without a doubt, Maliki will wait for advice of Iran in this regard, because the conviction of the entire Iraqi people that the de facto ruler of Iraq are the Iranians, Maliki followed them and works part of the great Iranian project in the region.

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