Tuesday, 22 April 2014 08:24

AMS : The current government bears full responsibility for the new carnage in Babylon.

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Association of Muslim Scholars : The fifth Occupation's Government and it's repressive security bear full responsibility for the new brutal massacre which has been seen on Sunday in the province of Babylon, and all continuous murders targeting of innocent Iraqis in general .

The Association said in a press statement issued by the Department for Culture & Media, on Monday, that the government police in the province of Babylon found yesterday (40) body of citizens aged (20 and 40) , was dumped in a garbage dump behind a horticulture in district of Jurf al-Sakhar north of the city of Hilla, capital of the province .. drawing attention to the eye witnesses from the district pointed out that the bodies belong to citizens whose have been disappeared three days ago.

AMS emphasized that the visible effects on the bodies of the victims show that they were executed by firing squad after they handcuffed backwards, in addition to signs of brutal torture .. stressing that this massacre crime highlighting clearly the case that Iraq reached under the current government , which has spared no effort in order to achieve their serious goals and diseased dreams according to the schemes calculated to provoke sectarian strife between the sons of this wounded country .

At the end of the press release, the Association of Muslim Scholars pray to God Almighty to grant the slain victims rest in peace, and give their parents and relatives patience and fortitude, and take revenge on the criminal killers who planned and committed this carnage .


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