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AMSI participates in the eighth monthly Forum of the AMS of Palestine

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Istanbul / .. Association of Muslim Scholars participated in the eighth monthly Forum organized by the Palestine Scholars in abroad , which was held recently in the Turkish city of Istanbul .

 Dr Sheikh Yahya al-Tai, a member of the Secretariat of the Association, outlined in his research - which was titled ( political map in Iraq after the occupation ) - the features of the current political process brought by US led occupation , and the steps that went through this process since the start of the brutal occupation til now .. pointing out by figures the proportions, ingredients seats and the communities that participated in the so-called parliamentary elections .

Al-Tai explained that the muhasasah " quotas " which imposed by the occupier is the basis of the political game taking place in Iraq , and the participation in the elections is no more than just a decorative step to legitimize the process to fool people by the existence of the so-called freedom and democracy in this wounded country .

Dr (Abdul-Hameed al-Ani ) a member of the Association summarized in his research - titled (Iraq expected faith in accordance with the tracks current ) - all the options presented in order to exit the crisis in Iraq since been troubled by blatant occupation and the successive governments .. stressing on the need to unite the word and the efforts of the Iraqi people in all sects in order to achieve change of the reality of Iraq and the removal of its causes .

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