Sunday, 04 May 2014 22:11

AMSI : The current government bears the responsibility of crime of execution of seven people from the same family

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The Association of Muslim Scholars said that the fifth occupation's government, the political process and the bloody militia, full responsibility for continuing crimes of kidnapping and murder , which carry clear sectarian dimensions .

The Association in a press statement issued by the Department for Culture, Media said that a patrol of the government police found on Sunday, seven bodies of six men and a child at the age of eight, members of one family , dumped inside an abandoned house in the village ( Aldjaarh ) affiliated to ( Madain ) south of the capital Baghdad , after about a week of being kidnapped .

At the end of the press release the Association emphasized that the effects on the bodies of slain indicate that the victims were executed by bullets in the head and chest after they were handcuffed to the back .. Asking God to rest the victims in peace, and inspire their parents patience and fortitude.

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