Monday, 05 May 2014 19:27

AMSI calls for the world to bear its responsibilities towards the brutal crimes committed by al-Maliki government against Iraqis

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The Association of Muslim Scholars appealed the whole world and the international organizations which concerned with the defense of human rights to bear their responsibilities towards the suffering of Iraqis from brutal crimes and flagrant violations and systematic aggression under the current government , which became underestimate the lives of innocent citizens .

The Association emphasized in a press statement issued by the Department for Culture, Media on Monday that troops of the government army proceeded on Sunday to commit a new brutal crime by killing a citizen Saeb Farhan Janabi, a livestock dealer, in the area of Snadeg of the district of Jurf al-Sakhar northern Babil province , as he was passing near the place where those troops exposed to an accident .. pointing out that they halted Janabi and making sure of his identity , then, had shot him in cold blood in his car and burning his body as well as sheep.

The Association attributed to the victim's relatives accounts : "The government army forces prevented anyone from approaching the scene of the crime until the victim's body was burned and charred completely , and they did not find his body , but the teeth and bones ."

The Association of Muslim Scholars concluded the press release by saying that the killing and burning of victim's body represent hard evidence that al-Maliki's government, its security forces and pro-Maliki militia still persist in the practice of the heinous crimes and killings, in cold blood, with premeditation to commit such heinous crimes .

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