Saturday, 10 May 2014 20:25

Human rights section of AMSI confirms arrest of 1384 citizens in the past month

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Human rights section of the Association of Muslim Scholars emphasized the arrest of 1384 citizen, including a woman, asa a result of 172 campaign of raids and searches carried out by the government's forces, declared during the month of April, in addition to the 146 case of killing accompanied with those campaigns .
The Association said in a statement issued today that the unfair campaigns, which affected (14) province, distributed with ( 324 ) detained in Wasit province , which has the largest share of those arbitrary arrests ; followed by Baghdad with ( 203 ) , then the province of Basra with (187 ) , Salahuddin with ( 157 ) , Ninevah with ( 112) , then Qadisiyah with (77) detainees , Dhi Qar with (66), Maisan with (62), Anbar with (60), Ta'mim (40), then Muthanna (34), Diyala with (33) Babil with (16) and, finally, the city of Karbala with (13) detainees .
The Association drew attention that the new statistical limited to what declared by the current ministries of interior and defense including the official datd only ; did not include arrests carried out by the so-called Department of National Security , and the offices of the head of the current government , and that these statistics did not include arbitrary arrests and undeclared carried out by the Awakening, militias and security forces in the different Kurdish spade governorates ( Diyala, Tamim , Salahuddin, Nineveh. also Sulaymaniyah , Erbil and Dohuk ) .
At the end of the statement the Association of Muslim Scholars renewed its claim to the authorities, international organizations concerned with the defense of human rights , the Organization of Islamic Cooperation , and the Arab League to intervene fast and hard to stop these flagrant violations and expose the perpetrators .. Stressing that the fifth occupation's government bears direct responsibility for the continuation of such unjust arrests that transformed Iraq - as the whole world witnesses - into a big prison where the most heinous crimes committed in the name of freedom and democracy .

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