Monday, 12 May 2014 00:09

AMSI condemns "al-Maliki's Massacres" against Fallujah

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Association of Muslim Scholars called for the sons of all Iraqi provinces to have a courage pause; to help and relief the oppressed people of the sons of the city ( Fallujah ) that are exposed to a gruesome massacre by al-Maliki's government in its military campaign , which has imported its name " reckoning ."
 The Association said in a statement issued on Sunday evening ; that Nouri al-Maliki has began a new military on  uprising provinces; name it a copy of the Zionist entity campaign which had targeted Lebanon in 1993, he called it the " reckoning " .. pointing out that this campaign focused on the city ( Fallujah ) , as its forces used all lethal weapons available to him against the city, particularly the explosive "barrels bomb" which cast down by helicopters on the civilian homes, then launched a large-scale attack on the entrances of the city ; in a desperate attempt to storm it, after imposed an unjust blockade and ruthless artillery bombardment nearly five months ago .
The statement pointed out that the results of this process reached so far ( 321 ) and dead ( 1342 ) wounded , according to the spokesman of Fallujah General Hospital , as well as a massive destruction affecting the civil and services institutions, homes and property of the local residents.
AMS went to say ; This awful military campaign committed amid conflicts among the political blocs in order to obtain a useless benefits and positions, while killing machine reaping lives of innocent Iraqis .. renewed condemnation of this heinous massacre and a cowardly criminal act, which reveals to the world the ugliness, criminality and sectarianism of the Maliki's government to extent that exceeded all limits and perceptions.
The Association emphasized that the end of these crimes will be damned on the committers, who will reap only shame , and our people will never forget this matter, each participant will be held accountable, and will never forget all who pleased or still silence about it whether individuals or groups .


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