Monday, 12 May 2014 20:33

AMSI renews condemnation the current government's crimes

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Association of Muslim Scholars carried  the current government, its repressive agencies and Parliament responsiblty for the continuation of atrocities and violations of human rights that come within the unjust military Maliki's campaign ( Reckoning ) .

The Association emphasized in a statement today that the government army troops have abducted eight truck drivers working in the wheat harvest within the village ( Persian ) in the region ( Albu Badran ) , Nineveh province , and executed of the field in the area ( Ain Jahash ) , which had witnessed yesterday the killing of a number of members of the government army in an attack carried out by unidentified gunmen .

The statement noted that the forces ( SWAT ) has yesterday burned agricultural property and orchards to private owners in the village ( Tabj ) of Jalawla in Diyala province , as the 17th Army Band, led by Captain (Tahseen), broke into a house in the area Sekhreja in district of Rasheed southern Baghdad and executed three brothers, from the clan Ghrair, in front of their children and wives .

Association of Muslim Scholars confirmed at the end the statement that these new crimes are an extension of the heinous crimes comitted by rabid government agencies against the innocent people of Iraq .. expressing confidence that the day which held accountable those killers is coming soon , God willing .

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