Wednesday, 14 May 2014 07:17

AMSI condemns the heinous crimes committed by al-Maliki's government and its bloody militias against Iraqis

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Association of Muslim Scholars strongly condemned the heinous crimes committed by government forces and its pro-militias against the Iraqi community in the context of the military Maliki's campaign, which he called it ( Reckoning ) .

The Association in a press release issued by the department of Culture and Information pointed out that Maliki's forces have stormed the house of Sheikh Tawfiq Hamza Gthoan Ghurairy, one of Sheikhs of Ghurair tribe in Bzaaz area of Yusufiya of Mahmudiya district, Sunday midnight , and destroyed the doors of the house, smashed furniture , rob the money and gold jewelry , and arrested his son, Mustafa, and took him out of the house and executed him in cold blood in front of his family .

The Association quoted by the residents of Jurf al-Sakhar, Babil province, as saying that the government troops have burned hundreds of acres of agricultural land and crops in the Faresya area, while prevented them from shopping from the nearby areas of the stricken district. .

At the end of the press release, the Association of Muslim Scholars carrying al-Maliki, his security forces and his pro-militias, Parliament and their odious political process, the responsibility for oppression, murder and destruction happened to the people of Iraq, which suffering from over the past years.

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