Thursday, 15 May 2014 07:31

AMSI condemns pro-Maliki militias crimes in Diyala

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Association of Muslim Scholars called on human rights organizations to have their duty and responsibility to stop the flagrant violations committed by al-Maliki government and its criminal militias against peaceful Iraqi citizens .

The Association indicated in a press release issued by the section of culture and information on Wednesday evening ; that the notorious " SWAT " militia  has raided the village ( Albu Khayal ) in al-Ethaim district in Diyala province , and committed a number of crimes, including the bombing of a mosque ( Rahman Raheem ) , and the arrest of ten local residents, as well as the burning of a house and two cars.

The Association noted that this rabid militia , which has direct support from government agencies, not only doing these crimes; but exceeded its assaults to the burning of wheat and barley farms in the vicinity of the village ( Alboawad ) of the same district .

While Association of Muslim Scholars strongly condemns these heinous crimes, which have increased in frequency after the announcement of the unjust military Maliki's campaign on the uprising provinces ; is bearing the occupation's fifth government and its repressive forces, sectarian militias as well as the political operation and current parliament, full responsibility for all thees atrocities that affected Iraqi people.

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