Tuesday, 20 May 2014 08:51

Human Rights Section of AMS issues its Annual Report

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The section of human rights of the Association of Muslim Scholars; has issued its annual report on human rights in Iraq, for the period between April / 2013 to April / 2014, which is presenting an overview of the humanitarian situation in Iraq at the eleventh year of the occupation of its various dimensions.
The report - which depends on varied sources of information as the international Governmental Organizations and NGOs the of human rights, and the current government agencies in Iraq, in addition to the reports by the international media – has monitored the excesses and abuse which the Iraqi man suffered in his life, property and the environment, which included multiple aspects notably; the illegal murder and injury, and the crimes of arrests, kidnappings and forced displacement, as well as executions carried out by the government against the detainees who have not been proven guilty.
The report also has covered the ongoing situation of Iraq - public and private - such as with regard to women and children, and minorities, as well as the services and infrastructure that it were wreaked by financial and administrative corruption, besides the situational aspects of the educational and health services, as well as the press and public freedoms.


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