Wednesday, 21 May 2014 18:50

Relief & Social Activities of AMS branch in Tikrit, during the past few months

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Tikrit branch of the Association of Muslim Scholars reviewed the Relief and social activities carried out during the first quarter of this year , the most prominent were :

1- Formation of a committee for the Relief of displaced families from Anbar province - due to the government bombardment, floodings and forced displacement in the context of genocide carried out by the Maliki government against the people of the province - where it has provided housing, human needs and food packages, besides, the medical aids and funds to these families that reached up to ( 5565 ) families .

2 - The branch has contributed in coordination with private hospitals and a number of doctors to do urgent surgical operations to the victims of the brutal pounding on Fallujah and karma .

3 - Provided rapid treatments especially for the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma , diabetes and hypertension .. etc, in addition to a number of cesarean operations in the Tikrit General Hospital .

4 - Sending four relief convoys to the cities of Fallujah, Karmah and Saqlawiyah , and four other convoys to the city of Ramadi carrying medical supplies , brushes and gas cylinders for cooking and other humanitarian needs, besides, six convoys of rapid medical needs, and food packages to the borders of the cities mentioned .

5 - The Association branch in Tikrit, still oversees the unified prayer in the city, as an extension of the sit-in.

6 - The branch in coordination and cooperation with the Forqan Charity, carried out distribution of monthly financial aids to the number of orphans in the city of Tikrit .

7 - Has contributed in the settlement of about 18 tribal dispute in the city of Tikrit and its countryside, also pushed reconciliation among people through out resorting of the residents to the branch of the Association .

8 - Held a meeting gathering the tribal leaders and dignitaries for discussion of the security situation in the province, and emphasis the accommodating of the displaced of Anbar and provide all their requirements .

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