Thursday, 22 May 2014 06:51

AMS strongly condemns armament support for current government

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Association of Muslim Scholars strongly condemned the feverish armament support provided by both United States and Russia for the fifth occupation-government, where that the dictator Nouri al-Maliki still being committed the worst crimes against the Iraqi people .

The Association said in a statement on Wednesday : "After one day of Russia's announcement that it will provide the current government combat helicopters type ( Ka- 52) ; United States announced on the fifteenth of this month its intention to sell jets, armored trucks and blimps to Iraq worth about one billion dollars " .. pointing out that the agreement includes the delivery of (24) of the U.S. plane model ( EIT -6 C Texan 2) that can carry bombs hit their targets precisely .

The statement stressed that Russia and America know that the current prime minister is leading a war against the people of Iraq in violation per international norms and conventions , and know also that these weapons will be used exclusively in military operations that cost a day many of the dead and wounded among innocent civilians .

The Association asked : Do the major world powers agreed on the genocide of the Iraqi people ? , How do you explain this frantic race to provide al-Maliki with deadly weapons while driving a bloody war motivated by sectarian hatred against a large section of Iraqi people , especially in Anbar province and parts of Baghdad beltway ? , and where is the international community of these deals , which to say the least : it is a structured support to the crime and 'state terrorism' , then where is the UN Security Council and Secretary -General of the United Nations ( Ban Ki-moon ) of all of this? .

At the end of the statement, AMS expressed its deep regret for the degeneration of the world in dealing with the murderers of the peoples and thieves of their wealth .. expressing confidence that the world - which its leaders alleged that it is civilized, at time all their behaviors and their policies lead to abuse to the civilization and the human being - will reap in a day the results of its silence towards killing of peoples and the support of dominating powers in the world to the killers of these oppressed peoples.

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