Tuesday, 27 May 2014 09:36

AMS: Al-Maliki militia bears responsibility for bombing of 'Sahaba Mosque' in Diyala

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Association of Muslim Scholars has emphasized that the aim of the masterminds of crimes committed by the current government and sectarian militias against the 'Houses of Allah' - Mosques - and its visitors, is a 'sowing the seeds' of sedition among the Iraqi people .

The Association in a press statement issued by the Section for Culture, Media on Monday said that the sectarian militias proceeded to blow up a number of improvised explosive devices in the contour of 'Sahaba Mosque' in the area of A'samleh of Bahrez south of the city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province , which resulted in a complete destruction of the mosque.

The Association noted that the province of Diyala has witnessed since the beginning of this year, bombings of five mosques are: 'Sibtain Mosque' and 'Imam Ali Mosque' in the village Zaghnia of the Abbara district, and 'Miqdad Mosque' in the village Abu Khanazeer , and 'Um al-Qurah Mosque' in the village of Muhawala affliated to the district of Abu Saida, and 'Ibraheem al-Khalil Mosque' in the village of Jumailat in Muqdadiyah .
At the end of the press release , AMS renewed say that the Maliki government and its repressive agencies and bloody militia bear full responsibility for these brutal crimes and acts of ethnic cleansing taking place over Iraq in general and particularly in the province of Diyala .


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