Friday, 30 May 2014 10:11

Sheikh al-Dhari sends a 'detailed letter' to EU

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His eminence, Sheikh Dr. Harith al-Dhari, Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars; has sent a letter on behalf of tribal leaders, elders and elite of Iraqi patriotic parties and figures; to each of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; Mrs. Catherine Ashton, and to the foreign ministers of the EU countries; to acquaint them with the reality of serious developments experienced by the residents of the six uprising Iraqi provinces.

The letter indicates that the revolution broke out in the provinces (Anbar, Baghdad, Salahuddin, Diyala, Ta'mim and Nineveh) as well as other areas; their population up to the (18) million, besides, their territory more than half of the area of ​​Iraq, indicating that it is exposed to genocide and serious humanitarian disaster, and it applies a reality and the legal description of the war crimes against humanity, which be within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, so it requires an urgent international intervention.

The letter, which signed by more than seventy figures including tribal leaders, academics, university professors, journalists and activists; has reviewed the reality of the situation in the provinces mentioned which their residents forced to armed respond to the military campaign carried out by the corrupt, sectarian and pro-Iran regime, which became closest to the mafia than the state system.

And the letter went on to say that despite of the fact that the civilians protestors have declared their willingness to facilitate the government forces searching into the sit-ins yards and tents ; but the Maliki government has not responded to this offer , and continued its counterfeit claims, pedaling and contempts the protesters , pointing out that the outgoing prime minister Nuri al-Maliki launched calls openly to create conflicts and civil strife among the Iraqi population, using a clear sectarian speech by saying : "The fight in Anbar province is a battle between the followers of Imam Hussein and the followers of Yazeed ", noting out that this historical case occurred more than 1000 years ago, now takes as pretext to fan the sectarian charging which used in sync with his claim that between him and the protesters " sea of ​​blood ".

This letter, also highlighted the ongoing 'Maliki's war' against Anbar ; pointing out that his army has used all kinds of weapons and munitions in attacks on the residential neighborhoods and surrounding areas, as well as civilian facilities, including hospitals, and even mosques; these indiscriminate attacks have caused civilian casualties, including children, women and the elderly, and forced hundreds thousands of residents to flee out to the desert in harsh climatic conditions, and despite of all these severe humanitarian needs, the current prime minister has ordered his forces to tighten their cordon around the province to prevent aid deliveries into Anbar, including local and international humanitarian organizations convoys blocked at the government security checkpoints, as well as ordering to shoot at fleeing residents and displaced families.

while confirming that all the pretexts of 'Maliki's war' against Iraqi people of the six mentioned provinces, particularly in Anbar, are false; so the letter has adopted the opinion of the majority of Iraqis which believe that al-Maliki carried out the Iranian project to subdue Iraqi people,rejecting the domination of Iran, also he seeks through ignite sectarian strife to win a third term; to stay in his position.

In this context ; the letter quoted an appeal from the people of six Iraq's provinces ; to each of the High Representative for Political Affairs and Security of the European Union and EU foreign ministers ; to inform their governments to see the facts which have been detailed, in order to take a position on the crisis in line with the UN charter and international law, as well as the humanitarian values ​​of truth and justice .

It also included an appeal to the people of other Iraqi's provinces ; to do pressure on the Maliki government to meet the legitimate demands of millions Iraqis, particularly, to release of hundreds thousands of innocent detainees, and the abolition of the policy of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion - racial and sectarian - and to meet all other demands presented formally to the current government in Iraq.

At the end of the letter, the elders and toast of Iraqi patriotic parties have appealed EU to prevent the supply of Maliki's government with weapons and military equipment to kill , extermination of civilians and commit war crimes against humanity, noting that the weapons that Maliki wants to buy from the Russia, US and other countries under the pretext of fighting terrorism; the goal is to murder and eradication of more innocent Iraqis, as he is doing now, pounding the civilians in Ramadi, Fallujah and other cities, using jets, heavy artillery, 'barrel bombs' tank and mortar shells and all other weapons he has.

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