Wednesday, 04 June 2014 10:13

AMS calls for 'Security Council' to condemn new massacre in Fallujah

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Association of Muslim Scholars, has demanded the the UN Security Council to condemn the new brutal massacre committed by al-Maliki's government and his bloody forces on Tuesday at Fallujah General Hospital, which has resulted in more than 40 civilians were killed or wounded, including a number of medical staff .

The Association said in a statement issued that the criminal 'al-Maliki's troops' has committed on Tuesday a heinous crime by shelling a number of the staff in the " municipality of Fallujah " in downtown, while they were gathered to take their salaries; killing and wounding no less than 25 of them, and  when some residents rushed trying to help the injured, a military helicopter followed them to the hospital and launched a rocket toward the emergency unit at 'Fallujah General Hospital' leaving further 15 people dead or wounded, including 8 of medical staff.

Association of Muslim Scholars at the end of a statement, confirmed that the failure of the international community to provide the protection for the Iraqis, furthermore, continous supply to al-Maliki's government with deadly weapons to encourage him to committing more crimes against civilians, emphasized that all who ' helps al-Maliki ' and shares in the ongoing opression bears responsibility for these brutal crimes and flagrant violations, which exceeded the perceptions and turned Iraq into an arena of 'Account Settlement'.

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