Thursday, 12 June 2014 11:56

Samarra Branch Warns of Re-Sectarian Attempts

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Branch of Association of Muslim Scholars in Samarra warned the current government's of attempts to blow up 'Al-Askary Shrines' in the city - like they did before - aiming to escalate the sectarian strife and accusing the revolutionaries of being behind; as it happened in 2006.

The branch said in a statement issued on Wednesday : Al-Maliki's militia may proceed detonation the Shrines in Samarra; in order to re-escalate the sectarian conflict to rescue what remains of the false political process .. Pointing out to existence of some indicators which confirm these fears; such as the military build-up around the shrines and bring up an unknown truck into the place.

In the statement, the branch called on all Iraqis, in particular the inhabitants of Samarra, to be careful and not to be dragged behind the predators of the current political process, reminding them of religious and historical responsibility and the need for patience to achieve the victory by the help of Almighty Allah.

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