Sunday, 15 June 2014 08:51

AMS: More than 37 victims in Maliki Army airstrikes on Baiji

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AMS Branch in Baiji said that brutal crimes committed by the Maliki Army via airstrikes on Friday resulted in the killing of 17 civilians and wounding more than 20 others with various injuries.

Pointing out that the victims were: (Raed Mohammed Ali Albu Sabekh, Omar Amad Almukd, Bariq Zaid Khabazi, Firas Safa Alhanadh, Mohammed Hawas Al-Shammari, Mushtaq Khudair al-Janabi, Ziad Jassim Mohammed, Iyad Taltola, Mustafa Ahmed, Hamad Khalaf Kurdi Qaisi, Hamid Alabaub Abd Dibis, and Hanan Mohammad Qasim).

Noted out that five of the victims were buried in a single grave, that their charred bodies were ruptured as a result of the barbaric bombing which targeted a number of residential neighborhoods and mosques in the district.

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