The Association of Muslim Scholars offers condolences on the death of the Sheikh (Muhammad Bin Al-Amin Bu Khabza) may Allah have mercy on him.
Thursday Cultural Council in the Association of Muslim Scholars hosted professor (Iyad Al-Anaz) who gave a lecture entitled: (a field reading of the spiritual and goals of the blessed revolution of October), on January 30, 2020.
The Scientific Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq hosted Dr. (Muthanna Harith Al-Dhari), the official of the Political Department of the association, who gave a lecture on : ( The relationship of (Faqih) and (Sultan) in modern studies), dated: December 29 2019
The association's branch in Kirkuk continues its work in the humanitarian and social aspects of supporting and assisting the displaced people.
The association's branch in Al-Hawija district provides various assistance to Laylan camp in Al-Taameem governorate
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