The Relief Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq @AmsiRelief in cooperation with Umm al-Qura Humanitarian organization ; provides assistance to the displaced people in Nineveh province north of Iraq
Amman Dr. Muthanna Harith Al-Dari reviews the historical stages of classification in Uṣūl al-fiqh in the context of his daily lectures
Amman : The department of Da'wah and Guidance in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; hosted the director of the Center of Imam Shafei Dr. (Samir Murad) in the framework of the Ramadan season of lessons and advocacy lectures
Within the series of lessons of (perceptions of fundamentalism) .. the Secretary-General highlights the history of the emergence of the science of al-fiqh and its relationship with schools of Hadith and opinions.
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq offers condolences on the death of Sheikh Dr. (Rajih al-Kurdi) , a scholar and preacher and professor of Da'wah , who died on Sunday (5/5/2019), at the age of (72) years.
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