Amman:The speech of the scholars of Iraq in the 3rd scientific conference of AMSI,presented by Prof. Dr.(Qahtan al-Douri),reviews the history of the scientific schools in Mesopotamia,and its impact on the abundance of scientists and their works.
Photos show a part of the proceedings of the opening session of the 3rd scientific conference organized by the scientific section in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, entitled : (The scientific and intellectual movements in Iraq in the modern era).
The Speech of the Preparatory Committee for the 3rd Scientific Conference and the Scientific Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq @amsiScientific,was delivered by Dr. Imad Al-Jubouri, the Deputy Director of the Scientific Department of the Commission.  
The United States and Britain occupied Iraq unjustifiably , but they wanted to create a destructive chaos in the stable countries. Baghdad was the first Arab capital to be targeted for forming the so-called "New Middle East". The Killing of the Iraqi people,and violating of their sanctities through kidnapping,arrest, torture…
Amman:Dr. Muthana Al-Dari, the Secretary General of AMSI, participates in the Second International Conference on the Islamic Economics, organized by Al-Balqa Applied University &Karabuk University of Turkey,under the auspices of the Ministry of Awqaf &Islamic Affairs in Jordan.