Istanbul / Dr. Abdul-Hamid Al-Ani: The problems resulted from the occupation of Iraq at all levels; its effects and consequences have been continuing for 16 years, as well as their negative outcomes on the reality and future of the country and its people.
Rafidain Center for Strategic Studies holds its annual symposium on the sixteenth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq with the participation of the head of the Information department in the Association of Muslim Scholars (Dr. Abdul Hamid Alani) ..
Amman : (Majlis Al-Khamis) the council which is held on Thuresdays at the residence place of the Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraqi,who delivered a lecture entitled: (the practical and intellectual movements in Iraq in modern times), dated: 4-4-2019.
The Human Rights Department of the Muslim Scholars Association @ AMSHumanRights : The government forces have turned Iraq into a large prison in which the most heinous crimes and abuses are committed.
The Relief Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq @AmsiRelief provides humanitarian assistance to the families and orphans in the city of Mosul; cooperating with Umm al-Qura humanitarian relief organization.