Amman : The Secretary-General during a lecture of (Thursday Council): The Iraqi National Charter is not the way for Iraqis to change the present reality , but an attempt to unite the plans and efforts to fulfill what we all hope.
Istanbul: Dr. Muthana Al-Dari, the Secretary General of AMSI, and a number of members of the association,have participated in a literary evening organized by Al-Basayer Foundation for Studies and Publishing;where poems have been delivered on Iraq and its role in the history .
Amman : The Cultural Council that is held on Thursdays witnessed a documentary lecture entitled: The repercussions of military operations on the city of Mosul and its inhabitants.
Amman :The scientific section @amsiScientific holds a lesson (reading in a book) in a series of lectures of the scientific winter season of the association.
Baghdad :The branch of the association in Hawija in Tamim Governorate performs a number of scientific, educational and relief activities.