Amman: The scientific section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq @amsiScientific, conducts the half-monthly lecture on reviewing a book within its winter season, which includes a series of lessons, lectures and scientific seminars.
Istanbul : The cultural assembly "Muntalaq" hosts (Abdul-Hamid Al-Ani), the head of the media department of AMSI, in a symposium entitled: "The Crisis of the Political Process in Iraq after the Occupation" to highlight the positions of the association and its vision.
Amman :The department of Fatwa in the Association of Muslim Scholars organizes a lecture entitled: Types of Riba (usury) in the Islamic law.
Baghdad :The relief section of the Muslim Scholars Association @ AmsiRelief, in cooperation with Umm al-Qura Humanitarian Relief Foundation, provides humanitarian assistance to the displaced families in the Hassan Sham camp in north of Iraq.
Amman: A part of the cultural council held on Thursdays at the residense palce of the Secretary General of AMSI, Dr. Muthana Dari; which witnessed a literary evening presented by a group of Iraqi and Arab poets .