The Arab guarantees for human rights in the light of the Iraqi situation was discussed in Thursday Council through a lecture delivered by Dr.(Amjad Shammout),Director of the Arab Bridge Center &former President of the commission on Human Rights in the Arab League on 29-08-2019.
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq offers condolences on the death of Prof. Dr. (Yahya Wahib Al-Jubouri),the professor of language and literature
Amman: With the participation of the Iraqi journalist (Ahmed Sabri) ,the media Department of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; concludes the work of the training course in the field of news industry and editorial policy in journalism work.
The Media Section has continued its training course(News Industry &Editorial Policy in Journalism)for the 2nd day in the presence of the political department director Dr. (Muthanna Al-Dhari),who provided a lecture on (the features of the media of AMSI &its advantages & objectives
The Media Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq organizes a training and interactive course in the field of (news industry, editorial policy in journalistic work) within the framework of the association's interest in developing youth skills
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