The cultural council hosted Dr.Mohammed Al-Qaisi,the Director of the Rights &Freedoms Unit at the National Center for Civil & Humanitarian Protection,which conducted a lecture on the deportation & displacement between Sharia & international covenants
Istanbul : The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq participates in the first international scientific forum for youth organized by the Association of Palestinian Scholars Abroad in Yelwa, Turkey, with the presence of the youth of the Islamic world
The official spokesman of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq: The association concluded its third conference successfully and the General Secretariat entrusted Dr. (Muthana Dari) responsibility for the political section to work on its files in the next phase
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq honored a number of guests of the 3rd General Conference (Curriculum and Work) in its opening session, in which scientists from different countries of the Islamic world participated.
The Secretary General Dr. Muthanna Al-Dari:All efforts worldwide are supporting the political process in Iraq, although it is the source of destruction . The Iraqi issue is not backed as the other issues in the nation because the direct opponent is the US occupation &its projects
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