Media Department in the Association of Muslim Scholars hosted the Jordanian journalist and Trainer (Nadim Al Hassan) in a lecture entitled: "Media and Influence on Others" within the department's activities in developing the skills of its employees in the media and journalism.
Amman : The Administrative Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars organizes an interactive workshop in the field of preparing and managing conferences.
Amman:(The Cultural Council) which is held on Thursdays at the residence of the Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq,Dr. Muthanna al-Dari; witnesses lecture on the references of the Koran to the scientific facts, presented by Dr. Abdul Wadood Qaisi.
Amman : The scientific section of the Association of Muslim Scholars @amsiScientific discusses the book (Al-Deraya wa Kanz Al-Ghenaya) within the winter scientific season of the association.
Amman: The Association of Muslim Scholars participates in the 18th regional seminar organized by the Imam Center (Abu Abdullah Al Shafei) in Jordan.