Amman: The evening of the Cultural Council which is held every Thursday in the residence place of the Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muthanna al-Dhari, witnessed a talk about the Iraqi resistance.
The Association of Muslim Scholars: The clash of influence between the US and Iranian occupation in Iraq; will not affect the political process with its governments as many think.
Amman :The scientific section of the Association of Muslim Scholars @amsiScientific organizes a lecture on "The Lessons and Jurisprudence of Ayat al-Din" within the winter scientific season.
The department of Da'wah and Guidance in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; organizes a scientific lecture on the impact of the Prophet's role in the security of people.
Baghdad : AMSI's Kirkuk branch continues to provide support to the displaced families and people with chronic diseases.