Baghdad :The relief section of AMSI @AmsiRelief with Umm Al-Qura Organization, provides scholarships to the students who are displaced in Salahuddin Al-Ayyoubi School in Sulaymaniyah Governorate north of Iraq and honors the professors who conducte the lectures for free.
Amman: The Cultural Council held on Thuresdays hosted Dr. Qahtan Al-Douri in a lecture on education and its old and modern methods.
Amman : The scientific section holds a reading lesson in the book (Al-Usul al-Khamsa) within the winter scientific season of the Association of Muslim Scholars.
Amman: The political section of the Association of Muslim Scholars; organizes a seminar entitled: "The Army in Iraq, its history ,reality, and the position of the association towards it" on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi Army.
Istanbul :The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq participates in the opening of the headquarters of the Eritrean Ulama'a League in Turkey.