Photos show a part of the humanatirian campaign carried out by the relief section of AMSI and Um Al-Qurra Organization that includes(900 families) in the context of the humanitarian efforts of AMSI, which aims to support the displaced people.
Istanbul : The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq is engaged in a humanitarian effort to support the students residing in Turkey and their families
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, offers condolences on the death of Sheikh (Abdul Karim al-Othman) ,one of the scholars and preachers known for their advocacy efforts in Syria; who died at the age of 74 years.
Muslim Scholars Association: The American occupation forces committed a major crime in the invasion of Iraq through which they revealed the fact of the bloody American political leadership .
The Secretary-General delivers a scientific lesson on the (Judicial Consultative Council of Andalusia) in the context of the winter season lessons of the Scientific Section of the association.