Amman:The evening of the Cultural Thursday Council at the residence of Dr. Muthana Al Dari,Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq,witnessed a lecture entitled:The symbol of meaning in Hadith of the Prophet,by Sheikh Dr.(Ibrahim Al-Hassan),dated 29-11-2018
Statement no. (1348) : AMSI calls on all humanitarian organizations to offer aid to people in Mosul especially after issuing reports on the crimes committed against humanity there.
Statement no. (1348): The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq blames all the political process members and anyone who cooperates with the militias for what is happening to people in Mosul .
Baghdad : Kirkuk branch carried out humanitarian, social and scientific activities during the month of November.
Statement no. (1348): The politicians have agreed on making Mosul and other cities as a pretext for their problems ,if their disputes are resolved ,they calm the situation and raise the slogans against (terrorism).