Amman: AMSI invites to participate in the third scientific conference, which will be held, God willing, in the month of Shaaban 1440 H corresponding to the month of April 2019 under the title: the scientific & intellectual movements in Iraq in the modern era.
Amman : The Secretary General Dr. Muthanna Harith Al Dhari @mouthana_hareth delivered a lecture entitled "Towards a National Charter" within the activities of Thursday Cultural Council .
The Statistics of the human rights section of the Association of Muslim Scholars showed that the government apparatuses committed 189 declared campaigns in Iraq in September 2018,resulting in the arrest of 797 citizens,as well as 40 cases of murder that accompanied the campaigns.
The Department of Da'wa and Guidance in the Association of Muslim Scholars holds a symposium on the martyrs of the association and their role in the reform of society.
The department of Fatwa in the Association of Muslim Scholars organizes scientific studies entitled: The Studies in the jurisprudence of fatwa.