The statement numbered (1348 ) issued by AMSI summerizes the criminal actions committed by the militias in Mosul .
The state of Mosul City has become worse after the destruction of infrastructure ,the lack of services and the collpase of buildings .
The statement numbered 1348 issued by AMSI shows the suffering of people in Mosul after controlling it by the government forces and militias.
Amman : The Secretary-General and the delegation of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq;participate in the funeral on the death of Dr. (Salman Al-Nasiri), may Allah have mercy on him in Amman.
Amman: The(Thursday Council ) at the residence of the Secretary-General of AMSI ,Dr. Muthana Al-Dari ; witnessed a lecture on: "Independent intellectuals' views on resisting the political process in Iraq",delivered by Dr. Adel Ashram Ibn Ammar. -11-2018.