Amman : The Secretary-General and the delegation of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq;participate in the funeral on the death of Dr. (Salman Al-Nasiri), may Allah have mercy on him in Amman.
Amman: The(Thursday Council ) at the residence of the Secretary-General of AMSI ,Dr. Muthana Al-Dari ; witnessed a lecture on: "Independent intellectuals' views on resisting the political process in Iraq",delivered by Dr. Adel Ashram Ibn Ammar. -11-2018.
Photos show a part of the evening of Cultural Thursday Council held at the Secretary - General (Muthana al-Dari) residence place , where the poet Mr. Makki Al-Nazzal presented a lecture entitled: (Fallujah : A symbol of championship and brotherhood) on 15-11-2018.  
Istanbul/The Secretary-General: Maqasid of the Shari'a employ the directed word, the creative sense and the constructive will to advance the nation and its people.
The Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars: The government of the political process is meager and is the product of international and regional wills.