The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; participates in a special workshop that aims at drafting the charter of the nation to support the Palestinian cause; on the sidelines of the Forum of the pioneers of Jerusalem, held in the city of Istanbul, on: (2 November 2019).
Istanbul: The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq participates in the activities of the conference (pioneers of Jerusalem) in its 11th edition under the title: "Together Against the Deal and Normalization", sponsored by the Global Coalition in Support of Al-Quds &Palestine.
Dr. (Muthanna al-Dhari): The political system in Iraq is under the complete domination of Iran clearly and explicitly, but the current October uprising is characterized by rejecting to its influence. Tishreen youth uprising in Iraq has terrified the forces of government ; which is reflected in its bloody reactions against…
Amman: Thursday evening Cultural Council witnessed reading in a book about biography of the late Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, Sheikh (Harith al-Dari) "May God have mercy upon him".
Baghdad Relief Section of the Association of Muslim Scholars @AmsiRelief Humanitarian assistance are still offering aid to the displaced people in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, in cooperation with Umm Al-Qura Humanitarian Relief.
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