Dr. (Muthanna al-Dari): Iraqi resistance forced America to declare the withdrawal at the end of 2011; it officially withdrew but not in reality and Iraq remained an occupied state by USA with Iranian help, and hence the conflict over interests between them has started.
The Arab guarantees for human rights in the light of the Iraqi situation was discussed in Thursday Council through a lecture delivered by Dr.(Amjad Shammout),Director of the Arab Bridge Center &former President of the commission on Human Rights in the Arab League on 29-08-2019.
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq offers condolences on the death of Prof. Dr. (Yahya Wahib Al-Jubouri),the professor of language and literature
Amman: With the participation of the Iraqi journalist (Ahmed Sabri) ,the media Department of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; concludes the work of the training course in the field of news industry and editorial policy in journalism work.
The Media Section has continued its training course(News Industry &Editorial Policy in Journalism)for the 2nd day in the presence of the political department director Dr. (Muthanna Al-Dhari),who provided a lecture on (the features of the media of AMSI &its advantages & objectives
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