Istanbul : The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq participated in the conclusion of the first International Youth Scientific Forum, organized by the Palestinian Scholars Association abroad, in the presence of many personalities from different countries of the Islamic world.
The Thuresday council witnessed seminar on AMSI conference was presented by the Assistant Secretary-General for Public Affairs Dr.Yahya Al-Tai &the Head of the Political Section,Dr. Muthanna Al-Dhari attended by representatives of Iraqi forces & members of the Iraqi community  
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq offers condolences on the death of Professor Dr. Mohammad Dhari al-Ithawi, Professor of Language and member of the Iraqi Academy of Sciences, who died in Baghdad on Monday, 15 July 2019
The department of Da'wah in the Association of Muslim Scholars,organizes a lecture entitled:(Quranic courses and its impact on youth education) by Dr. Anwar Abu Diak, the member of the Preservation Society of the Holy Quran, in the presence of students from many Islamic countries
The assistant of Secretary-General for Public Affairs Dr. Yahya Al-Tai,the president of Political Section Dr. Muthanna Al-Dhari ; have participated in lecture of Da'awah department with the presence of students from Iraq,Jordan,Turkey,Nigeria,Philippines, Burkina Faso,and China
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