Baghdad: The relief section of Muslim Scholars Association @ AmsiRelief in cooperation with Umm al-Qura Humanitarian Relief Organization provides assistance to the displaced people in the Dibga camp north of Iraq.
The Secretary-General: The role of Diyala province east of Iraq in the revolution of the twentieth; is one of the aspects absent from the history;its cities witnessed battles where many British officers & soldiers were killed ,in addition to the assassination of many of the rebels. Many aspects of the…
Istanbul/Rafidain Center for Strategic Studies Rasam @rasamcenter:The Secretary-General of AMSI,Dr. Muthanna Al-Dari,attended a symposium entitled:"Revolution of the twentieth..reading in the end stage of the revolution) in the presence of Iraqi &Arab researchers on 30-6-2019
Istanbul/The Professor Harith al-Azdi,head of the culture department at AMSI : The revolution of the twentieth is that of the Iraqi identity, approaching its centennial, it is still facing tyranny and injustice, being a guide towards right way
The Human Rights Department of the Muslim Scholars Association @ AMSHumanRights organizes a special seminar to announce its annual report on the situation of human rights in Iraq
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