Istanbul : AMSI is participating in a unified position adopted by 25 associations and organizations of Islamic nation scholars to reject the procedures, & results of Bahrain Workshop, the first practical measure of the US plan known as the "Deal of the Century"
Amman:The Department of Culture in AMSI ;hosted Dr. Omar Abdullah Al-Fajawi, professor of literature at the Hashemite University of Jordan, who delivered a lecture entitled: Literature: Luxury or Necessity, attended by academics, activists & members of the Iraqi community
The evening of the Council of Thursday at the residence of Dr.(Muthana Dari) witnessed a historical lecture entitled:(Journey of Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi to Brazil),delivered by Dr. (Abdul Hamid Alani) to show the efforts of Iraqi scientists in the field of Da'wah & reform
Amman : Dr. Abdulhamid Al-Ani, Professor of Hadith at the Faculty of Theology at Istanbul University,discusses means of ascertaining the Hadith in the second part of the specialized course in Hadith & Sunnah sciences organized by the scientific department of AMSI
Amman / The scientific section of AMSI organizes a specialized course in the science of Hadith and the Sunnah delivered by Dr. Abdul Hamid Alani, Professor of Hadith at the Faculty of Theology,Istanbul University,with the participation of researchers & students of Sharia science