The Human Rights Section of the Muslim Scholars Association: The raids and arrests carried out by the government agencies in Iraq have turned the country into a prison where crimes and violations are committed in the name of freedom and democracy.    
The Department of Culture in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, holds a memorial evening on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the launch of Al-Busair newspaper with the participation of journalists ,researchers and a number of Iraqi poets.
Istanbul : The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq organizes an intensive scientific course in the study of the Shari'ah science for female students, in cooperation with Al-Basayer Foundation for Studies and Publishing
The evening of Thursdays cultural council at the residence of Dr. (Muthanna Harith Al Dari); witness a lecture entitled: (Arab genealogy according to the results of DNA),by Dr.(Adel Ashram bin Ammar Shammari), in the presence of a group of members of the Iraqi community in Jordan
The branch of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Kirkuk in Tamim north of Iraq organizes scientific &advocacy activities in the masjids of the city to raise awareness & community guidance,as well as the humanitarian &relief efforts to support the displaced people
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