AMSI offers condolences on the death of Sheikh Abdul Hakim Mohammad Qorban, one of the scholars of the Association of East Turkestan Scholars, he died as a result of torture in a Chinese detention center on Friday (28/6/2019) at the age of 49 years
Baghadad : The branch of the Association of Muslim Scholars in the city of Kirkuk in Tamim province north of Iraq; is still providing its efforts in the humanitarian and social fields; supporting the displaced and families facing difficult living conditions.
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq offers condolences on the death of the preacher and educator Dr. Yahya Abdullah Ahmed from the Republic of Chad, who passed away on Monday (28 Shawwal 1440 AH = 1/7/2019)due to a traffic accident
Baghdad: The relief section of Muslim Scholars Association @ AmsiRelief in cooperation with Umm al-Qura Humanitarian Relief Organization provides assistance to the displaced people in the Dibga camp north of Iraq.
The Secretary-General: The role of Diyala province east of Iraq in the revolution of the twentieth; is one of the aspects absent from the history;its cities witnessed battles where many British officers & soldiers were killed ,in addition to the assassination of many of the rebels. Many aspects of the…