Amman:The Human Rights Department of AMSI @ AMSIHumanRights hosted Dr. Khaled Ayyad,the researcher of international conflicts & human rights concepts,to deliver a lecture entitled:"The oncepts & terminology of human rights used in the reports of the Iraqi affairs."on June 9, 2019  
The Human Rights Department of the Muslim Scholars Association @ AMSHumanRights: Baghdad government has turned Iraq into a major prison where abuses are committed under the name of democracy and freedom.
Amman: The department of Da'wah and Guidance in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq;hosted Prof. Dr.(Edham Mohammad Hanash),who conducted a philosophical lecture on"the humanitarian measure of the forms and pictures of Arabic letters," in the framework of Ramadan season.
Baghdad : Kirkuk branch provides assistance to the displaced people and the families of detainees and support the patients of the chronic diseases during the holy month of Ramadan.
Amman:The daily lesson(Usul al Fiqh)of the Secretary-General of AMSI Dr. Muthanna Harith Al-Dari highlights the schools of Islamic jurisprudence in Islamic madhhabs within the framework of the Ramadan season organized by the Department of Da'wah & Guidance in the association