Wednesday, 06 August 2014 09:11

HRW: "Maliki's government-backed militias" involve with killing Sunni civilians

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) said "Maliki's government-backed militias" in Iraq involved with killing Sunni civilians during the last five months.
 In a report issued on last Thursday, HRW said such acts occurred in the capital Baghdad and the two provinces of Diyala and Hilla., building its conclusions on witnesses and medical and government sources who claimed the militias responsible for each case.  
"The killings and abductions mark a serious escalation in sectarian violence at a time when the armed conflict between government forces and tribal revolutionaries is intensifying", the report was quoted as saying.
The international rights organisation documented the government of Nuri Al-Maliki of forming new security forces made up of militias as it has lost control over large portions of the state amid its confrontations with the opposition armed groups.
Al-Maliki's government is taking little or no action as its militants kill people, the report stated, calling for holding those responsible for these killings to account.
 "Murder is a crime against humanity when committed in a widespread or systematic manner as part of a policy of either a government or official organized groups to commit the crime", noted the report.
"Crimes against humanity are international crimes, meaning that those who can be held accountable include: those who commit the crime; those who order it, assist, or are otherwise complicit; and military and civilian commanders who knew or should have known their subordinates were committing the crimes and fail to take reasonable measures to prevent them", HRW said.

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