Wednesday, 12 November 2014 11:34

Iraqi inmates have subjected to abuse, torture and rape

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An Iraqi journalist revealed that the detained women in government prisons suffered from various kinds of the crimes of brutality and arbitrary practices and blatant violations by the guards and supervisors of those prisons.

News reports citing the journalist (Zainab Kaabi), who was jailed on charges of abuse bribe said in a television interview recently: "Most of inmates women, who were accused on Article 4 (of counter-terrorism law), has been raped systematically inside the governmental prisons." ., noting she had seen a number of women accused of terrorism are subjected to various types of torture and severe hitting, electric shock, shaved hair, and burning and distortion different parts of the body even the faces .

(Kaabi) confirmed that she was a victim of a conspiracy the ruling party (Dawa Party) was plotting against her .. explaining that she had been beaten during her arrest, and the investigators also beat her and shocked her with electricity end fainting, furthermore they threatened to kidnap her daughter to force her to sign false confessions by taking bribes.

The reports concluded to say: that the journalist (Zainab Kaabi) did not tolerate injustice and flagrant violations suffered from inside the prison, she proceeded with sending letters to human rights organizations and authorities involved in the defense of human rights to unmask the crimes and violations committed by government forces against detainees and prisoners who are languishing in those prisons. and agencies.

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