Saturday, 29 November 2014 20:43

Entrenched government corruption; billions U.S $ faded

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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), an independent international institute in Sweden, revealed that the previous Maliki's government has wasted around 8 billions U.S dollars on building the current government army, which includes false soldiers, their salary goes to corrupt officers.

News reports explained on Thursday that a rampant corruption that overran government institutions peaked in the security agencies, confirming the spread of the fictitious soldiers phenomenon among the ranks of the government army, they are just lists of not exist people, while their salary goes into the pockets of leaders and senior officers at the current army.

In this context; SIPRI mentioned that while the United States provided funds and military equipment to the Maliki government earlier since the alleged withdrawal of its troops in late 2011 and so far; it that government squandered nearly eight billions U.S dollars to the Department of Defense in 2013, which did not have a minister throughout the last four years.

According to the reports; the current Minister of Finance (Hoshyar Zebari) stated that his Government in the process of allocating about 23% of the proposed budget for 2015 totaling $ 100 billion for the purposes of defense and security, as he said .. Pointing out that this budget is scheduled put it on the current cabinet soon, while recognizing the existence of an entrenched corruption and mismanagement in government security institutions.

It noteworthy that whereas the government authorities spend such large amounts of money under the pretext of arming the army and government forces, which fading because of corruption and organized thefts by officials, most Iraqis live very hard humane conditions, between displacement and poverty, as well as the worsening unemployment and lack of job opportunities. and agencies.

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