Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:47

HEYET Report: 1788 Iraqis Arrested

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Human Rights Department of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) published its monthly statistical report on continues unjust campaigns targeting Iraqi civilians by the sectarian government security forces where 378 campaigns were carried out resulting in arrest of 1788 innocent Iraqis. According to the report:

Diyala: Arrest of 582 people

Nineven: Arrest of 321 people

Baghdad: Arrest of 279 people

Anbar: Arrest of 117 people

Saladin: Arrest of 111 people

Tamim: Arrest of 105 people

Babil: Arrest of 65 people

Karbala: Arrest of 55 people

Najaf: Arrest of 43 people

Basra: Arrest of 39 people

Maysan: Arrest of 25 people

Dahok: Arrest of 19 people

Wasit: Arrest of 15 people

Dhi Qar: Arrest of 11 people and one in Sulaimaniya. 

In the statement HEYET stressed that this statistic was confined to the contents of official data announced by the current Interior and Defense Ministries only. It did not include indiscriminate arrests of civilians at the hands of security forces belonging to so-called Department of Homeland Security, Fight Against terrorism or office of prime minister. It also did not include arbitrary arrests of so-called Awakening Councils, militias and Kurdish peshmerga forces. 

At the end of statement HEYET said fifth occupation government is directly responsible for the unjust arrests that turned Iraq into a big prison. It demanded international bodies, human rights organizations, OIC and Arab league to rapidly intervene to stop the atrocities and gross violations committed against Iraqis on the allegations of so-called freedom and democracy. “They should step serious actions to release all detainees.”said the statement.






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