Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:49

United Nations: an immunity granted to the security companies working in Iraq hampered the prosecution of perpetrators of violations

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Stressed the Human Rights  Council of the United Nations, said Friday that the immunity granted to the  security companies working in Iraq hampered the prosecution of perpetrators of  violations during the period of six years, and among that Iraq is still  struggling to give the companies immunity, called on the government of Iraq to  the legislation law regulating its work.

He said the Human Rights Council in a report today, and  got “Alsumaria News”, a copy of it, that “the immunity granted to the security  companies have prevented the prosecution of perpetrators of violations of Iraq  in Iraqi courts or made ​​in their countries of origin,” and expressed concern  “of the lack of accountability the perpetrators of these incidents that occurred  in the period between 2003 and 2009.”

The Board added that “Iraq  has suffered in the past decade a series of incidents that stand out involving  private military and private security, taking incident fire in the courtyard of  the Eagles in 2007,” noting that “recent years have seen a decrease in such  incidents because of the low activities of these companies related to the  military area, in Iraq, and the tightening of regulation carried out by the  Iraqi authorities, as well as U.S. efforts to tighten control over the  companies. “

The Council stressed that  “the victims of these violations and their families are still waiting for  justice,” noting that “despite the low incidence of security companies, but Iraq  is still struggling to give the companies legal immunity under the law No. 17  issued by the Coalition Provisional  Authority.”

The Council welcomed  “the text of the agreement between Iraq and the United States in 2009, which  eliminates the immunity granted to certain private security contractors in  Iraq,” explaining that “Iraq is promising legislation to regulate security  companies in 2008, but he was still under  consideration.”

The Council called on  the Iraqi government to “take the necessary steps to ensure the adoption of  legislation on corporate private military and security,” stressing that “the  State is responsible for providing security to its people, and allocate the  necessary resources to ensure that private military and private security (both  international and Iraqi) to strict regulation to ensure respect the human rights  of the Iraqi people. “

The Iraqi Council of  Representatives announced, the ninth of August last, his intention legislation  law to regulate private security companies during the period coming, indicating  that its provisions will apply to local private companies and branches of  foreign companies and workers.

And called on the  Iraqi Human Rights Ministry, in the 18 of May, was affected by those working in  security companies to promote the transaction to compensate them, saying it will  work on corporate accounting causing damage legal.



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