Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:50

Report:1148 Citizens Arrested in September

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The human rights section in the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) released its monthly statistical report on the violations and arbitrary arrests perpetrated by the government forces. According to the report 1148 citizens including two women were arrested during the unjust military campaigns carried out in September.


The report indicated that the military incursions comprised of 15 provinces as follow:

Diyala: 33 / Saladin: 211 / Nineveh: 140  / Baghdad: 129 / Tamim: 73 / Anbar:69 / Babylon: 59 / Maysan: 47 / Basra: 31 / Dhi Qar: 17 / Sulaymaniyah: 15 / Wasit: 14 / Karbala: 5 / Najaf: 4 / Qadisiyah: 3

HEYET Human Rights Section pointed out that the statistics is limited to the announcements of Interior and Defense Ministries only whereas it did not include those arrested by so-called forces from Homeland Security Department, forces from Terrorism Unit belonging to President and Current Government. The arrests also did not include arbitrary arrests of Awakening Council forces, sectarian militias and Kurdish security services. 

In closing of report, HEYET Section hold the brutal occupation and its fifth government fully responsible for these arbitrary detentions that turned Iraq into a big prison where most heinous crimes are committed in the name of liberty and sham democracy. HEYET also demanded international bodies, human rights organizations, Islamic Cooperation Organization and Arab League to intervene for ending such flagrant violations exposing the perpetrators and release of all innocent detainees.





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