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An initiative and not a project; that is a feature which characterized the scheme of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI), we can read between the lines which is no less important than the meanings of the lines themselves, it wanted to reach these senses to all whom concerned in Iraqi affairs from Iraqis, Arabs and others.
This initiative came to meet an intent since years and a promise was launched in the past by the Association; after receiving numerous requests and heard the wishes and hopes for the launch of a national inclusive project to the Iraqis.
The AMSI by holding a media conference where announced this initiative; has aimed to send several explicit messages, some of them were frank messages and other ones need to analyze to understand, and others need to be in good faith and confidence in the Association and its past; in order to understand the message and its content.
It is possible to infer from the launch of the initiative the followings:
1. The launch of the initiative with a press conference attended by political forces and personalities opposed to the occupation and its secretions; is something intended by AMSI to say "we all have a responsibility to liberate Iraq, rebuilding it and restore its identity, and the aim of that declaration is to determine the starting point for a joint action to gain access to an inclusive project to save Iraq.
2. The invitation of the Association to all Iraqi components to meet and consult has given an important signal of contentment to the ethnic and religious minorities that they are equal with the rest of their brothers in the homeland, besides that their participation in these meetings and their equality with the rest of the Iraqi people leads to calm their fears and reassure them that they have a place in their homeland which the occupation and its agents sought to deprive them of it.
3. The most important thing and the inclusive object of this initiative or any action agreed by Iraqis is the rejection of the current political process, in form and content, which has reached Iraq to the current situation, where the collapse has begun with the American occupation, followed by tampering, destruction and corruption by the political process that has taken over reins of rule from the US occupation to extradite to the obnoxious Iranian occupation to became a humiliated follower to it and not to go out of its order, and exalts by it day and night, consequently rejection was a must and there should be an alternative; thus in response the initiative has been declared.
4. The sought after goals of the AMSI initiative are precious and noble goals but in the same time they are large and difficult, so that we should be alert that this will need a hard work along with a sincerity of intentions and a nakedness of self demands for the benefit of national interest, our wounded homeland urges us to do whatever it takes to maintain and build it properly in order to be a valid place that the people live in peace, security and prosperity.
5. The initiative says to the Arabs: Although you have abandoned Iraq and no more deal with its affairs, we will not leave you alone, and we invite you in the name of religion and Arabism to be with us to protect yourselves and a poppet part of the Arab nation, no one can imagine that the Arab nation without the Iraq is a complete nation; in other words, Arabs can do nothing without Iraq.
Thus,  AMSI calls for a round-table discussions, together with brothers-in-land; to talk and debate the country affairs, and to agree on a project to save Iraq from its severe ordeal, and the Association underscores here that it is just a complementary number to several numbers represent the parties opposed to the enemies of Iraq, and if it had taken the initiative in the first release, it hopes everyone to walk to the end to accomplish an inclusive scheme, and it will be with them in the same itinerary; it will never be advanced and, Allah willing, it will not be delayed.



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